Pointex spa: an Italian story

Marco Ranaldo
Marco Ranaldo - 1986 Marco Ranaldo - 1992
Marco Ranaldo - oggi
Ritratto di Famiglia - 2012
Ritratto di Famiglia - 2012

An Italian story

Pointex was founded in the early ‘90s when its owner,Marco Ranaldo ( the picture shows him in 1992) started the production of car seat covers; a product which became a success as it correctly met the demands of consumers.
It is this key characteristic that later formed the philosophy of Pointex - reading the market and translating our customer's needs into working products and solutions.

Company headquarters were established in Capalle, near Prato, a place which in those years developed into one of the most important and active textile districts full of talent and traditional know how - a typical characteristic of the Made in Italy’ brand.

Successful products allowed Pointex to have a strong start-up: premises grew and later doubled in size, reaching present dimensions, with 100 employees, on a surface of 130000 sqm and with a production capacity of 10.000 kg/a day. Successful products and services have been coming, one after the other for Pointex which has always defined itself as a creative company.

At the turn of the century with the development of digital culture, Pointex has been getting in touch with a lot of innovative and technological areas thanks to new print processes and reproduction fabric. With these new advances, we can add to the current sleeping fabric business model with expansion into other sectors specifically dedicated to home and to business spaces.

The strength of Pointex has been to “customize” the product ,according to customer's needs with a great dedication and conviction while involving people, ideas and projects.  
Everyone here works with the mindset and belief that innovation can bring about a change for the better. At the end of the 1st decade of the new millennium, Pointex launched in international markets with new and important projects.

The family is more and more involved and the last picture shows significantly how work, life and family are ONE.

Pointex’s Future is now vertically oriented and at the same time open to new businesses which is coherent to its philosophy. This is in great part, thanks to its strengths: quality, price,creativity and total dedication to satisfying individual needs of customers.

Pointex S.p.A.
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