The General Direction DIGE defines and approves “The environmental and quality Policy” which supports targets and obligations assumed according to business strategy  towards customers, the market and environment in order to execute, maintain and improve performances of Management System, guaranteed regulatory requirements and potential voluntary agreements endorsed between the company and everyone concerned.

Management System, as described and defined in this document, allows respect of commitment assumed by DIGE which believes decisive participation of all the staff in the implementation of Management System in order to obtain Customer Satisfaction of parties involved and for a sustainable development of Management System and a  strengthening of the corporate image on the market. 

Though this policy is intended to highlight the Company's will to receive, to obtain and to maintain according to binding legislation and even more in general to all prescriptions which the company is subscribed to (voluntary agreements), in relation to environmental aspects directly or indirectly connected to the organization, defining a reasonable level of service for MS. It also focuses on a constant improvement and on an internal and external communication which is adequate to the company's needs.

Policy starts from the consideration of environmental aspects and impacts, defined in the document of environmental analysis and its latest updates of procedure PTXPA01, and it integrates coherently with the Policy of Quality.  According to the DIGE it is formalized in only one document  indicating specific programs and plans targets which  are described herein.

Targets identified by DIGE are listed below and have been received by all of the employees in order to let them understand and perform proper responsibilities and competencies. 


ISO 9001 ISO 14001

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